From the expansive spaces of Texas to the birthplace of the Renaissance come the big ideas that lead to our breakthrough innovations and products. Our Research and Development (R&D) facilities in Lewisville, Texas and Verona, Italy, continue to expand on our proud history of product accomplishments.

Our R&D combines surgeon experience with more than 20 years of developmental innovation - to build brilliant solutions together. We also maintain interactive relationships with leading orthopedic centers in the U.S., Europe, Japan and South and Central America...

Our record of success includes:

  • The first external spinal fusion stimulator system commercially available in the U.S. and the most successful for patients
  • The first and only FDA-approved bone growth stimulator for use as an adjunct to cervical (upper) spine fusion in high-risk patients
  • The first FDA-approved internal limb lengthener
  • A percutaneous hip fracture plate with the highest success rates for patient return to mobility and lowest morbidity rates
  • External fixators that offer rapid assembly, ease of use, radiolucency and numerous possibilities for customization
  • The first clinically validated, nonoperative device that delivers external, self-administered spinal “unloading,” or upper body weight transfer, resulting in reduced pressure on the lumbar spine
  • The first commercially available biologic containing adult mesenchymal stem cells to be used in place of autograft for surgical bone fill applications

Philosophically, our R&D looks to a broader, solutions-based approach to make life better for those who use our products. Using the right technology focused on the right products, our designers work for the simple, brilliant solution for our surgeons' needs and our patients' lives.

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